Our Guarantee


"We find fun kid's gear for your little dreams.  If, for any reason, you are not happy with the product you receive, we will refund you, in full, and will reimburse you for return postage.  Then we will do our best to help find the right product for you. We will work with you until it's sorted - Rae"  

Yes, you read it right!  This is our guarantee to you.  We don't expect you to pay for return postage if you're unhappy with a product we have supplied.  Because if you're not happy with it, that's a good enough reason for us to take it back.  All we ask is that if you're not happy with the product, let us know as soon as possible (within seven days).  You'll need to return the item unused, in the original condition you received it, within seven days of receipt.

Sizing:  Items are sourced from a number of different suppliers, sometimes all with different sizing!  It can be confusing.  We can supply you with exact clothing measurements before you buy, if you're unsure ...    Also, due to postage and packaging, clothing items can sometimes flatten, or be creased and may initially look different from the product photo.  They may need to hang, or be carefully ironed or steamed before using.

Privacy Policy:  To view privacy policy, click on the privacy policy link on the Contact Us page.

Loss & Liability: Little Dream Ltd accept no liability for loss or damage to any goods within the postal system. Compensation details for NZ Post can be found at:  www.nzpost.co.nz/compensation