Sizing Explained

sizing guide

Sometimes it seems like no two sizes are ever the same (anyone tried to buy kids shoes lately ...?).  And when it’s a worldwide thing, it gets even trickier – US sizing vs EUR sizing vs NZ sizing!!  Some sizes are based on height, some on weight, some on age. So we’ve put together a general sizing guide so you can see how it all works (hopefully) when you see all these different size tags.  However, some styles are just made bigger or smaller than what we’d expect so please contact us if there are any problems with the size you have chosen for your purchase.

For shoes, we’ve just measured the outside sole and given you the measurement in cm, rather than try to guess what age the shoe will fit.

So remember, items are sourced from a number of different suppliers, sometimes all with different sizing!  We can supply you with exact clothing measurements before you buy, if you're unsure ...    Also, due to postage and packaging, clothing items can sometimes flatten, and may initially look different from the product photo.  They may need to hang, or be carefully ironed/steamed before using.

Other variations:

XS: Size 6 (90-100cm) = 2-3 years

S: Size 8 (100-110cm) = 3-4 years

M: Size 10 (110-120cm) = 5-6 years

L: Size 12 (120-130cm) = 6-7 years

XL: Size 14 (130-140cm) = 7-8 years

XXL: Size 16 (140-150cm) = 8-9 years

There are many variations on this out there, but this is a general guide.  Please contact us if you would like other measurements on anything in the shop.

Ballet Shoe Sizing:  Sizes range from very tiny feet, through to adult size.

Here's how to find your ballet shoe size: Draw around the foot onto paper. Measure the distance to the longest toe. For a "snug" fit with not much wiggle room add 0.5cm to the foot length. For a bit of room to grow into, add 1cm to the foot length.

To make life really easy, we just size by the foot length in centimetres. Once you've found the foot length, and added a little extra, find the nearest size in cm.

Size range: 15cm, 15.5cm, 16cm, 16.5cm, 17cm, 17.5cm, 18cm, 18.5cm, 19cm, 19.5cm, 20cm, 20.5cm, 21cm, 21.5cm, 22cm, 22.5cm, 23cm, 23.5cm, 24cm, 24.5cm, 25cm.

What Can We Order For You?

We can also source any type of dance shoes (jazz, latin, gymnastics), for children AND adults. Just contact us with details and we'll get back to you with some options to choose from!