The Little Dream Story

We know how it can feel to be trawling the shops with our Little Dreams in tow.  Shopping + little children + not finding what you want = a big cup of tea and a lie down!

We know how kids love to wear fun clothes and we love how they wear them.  So here we are, with the Little Dream shop - an online refuge where you can hunt for kids treasure without the hassle the petrol, the parking (like at home and sitting down ...).

And sometimes shopping from a photo can be a bit scary. So we made the "Super Simple Little Dream Guarantee For Total Hassle Free Shopping:  "If you're not happy with the purchase for ANY reason, we exchange or refund in full, AND we pay for return postage."  Simple and safe.

The "Little Dream" name is inspired by a favourite childhood book about a little dream who lived in the Land of Nod.  One night the little dream was called to earth to make someone's dream come true.  This always makes me think of how our children can be dreams that have come true for us, and how they bring so much fun into our lives.  

So come on in!  Launch yourself into Little Dream Land.  We have +200 fun, affordable items available to choose from.  Ju st click on the big blue tabs, then the sub-headings to find Little Dream treasure for BABIES, BALLERINAS, BOYS, GIRLS (and Mums).  Happy treasure hunting, and please let us know if we can help  :)